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Everyone at Ferdi has an inherent joy and urge to create. We see every brief and production as a way to challenge ourselves. Therefore, our process always begins with looking at the idea. What is it communicating? How does it communicate? Who will see it?


As young filmmakers, we have grown up in a world of short attention spans. At the same time, this means that we also understand today's consumers much better - and have become good at effective storytelling. 


The people at Ferdi are multi disciplinary, which has enabled us to deliver complete productions in-house. This comes in handy in today's advertising industry, which requires you to be adaptable and flexible. It has also led to us being able to create closer relationships with those we work with, which in turn creates a safer space to unfold creatively.

Gyldendal - Lærelyst

Gyldendal - Lærelyst

All Categories
All Categories

Gyldendal - Lærelyst

WWF - Naturavtalen (English)

Crayon - Den Usynlige Trusselen

Negotia - Fagforening

Deloitte - Ingenting er umulig

Strim - Strim Show

PodMe - Harm&Hegseth (Queen E)

Nescafé - Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset

Ladekabler og ladeplasser - NAF

Én idrett - Norges idrettsforbund

Tekna - Det lønner seg

NITO - Sov godt

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