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to Ferdi's untold secrets

You have now gained exclusive access to a selection of Ferdi's innermost secrets. This page is curated and will be updated regularly with new goodies.


Did you know that there is a bed behind the canvas in Ferdi's online room? Jon Sindre's father slept there for three nights when he helped his son renovate his apartment.


Director Daniel once lost a large bucket of paint on the cycle path in Sinsenkrysset. He never dared to go back and wash it up.


Director Daniel has on several occasions, when ending a telephone conversation, mixed up two words and made new ones against his will. This has led to classics such as "yes, but mushrooms", and "we're crazy", and "yes, but it's fantastic".


Once we were told by an agency to "put a green screen in the mail".


Producer Henrik broke his neck when he attempted a back somersault during a garden party. Fortunately, he got away "cheaply" by wearing a collar for three months.

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