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The parent's note

A drama series

Length : 6 x 30 min

Genre: Satirical drama

Target group: We want to meet women who feel the expectations around having children. These are most often found between the ages of 25-35.

One must be certified to drive, practice law, own a firearm. In some countries you even have to have a certificate if you want to have a dog. But apart from adoptive and foster parents, there is virtually no prior knowledge needed to become parents. Parents' skills are measured after they have been reported to child protection. So what would the world look like if you had to have a certificate to become a parent?

Today, 1 in 7 children in Norway is sexually abused each year. 1 in 5 is exposed to physical violence by a parent and 1 in 8 experiences psychological violence by a parent. These cases occur in the children's own homes.

  Source: BUFDIR: sexual abuse , physical violence , psychological violence

We find ourselves in a universe apparently similar to our own. Here, after a massive roll-up of abuse cases against children (#kidstoo movement), it is decided to implement a new protocol in the UN Convention on Child Protection. This means that all children are injected with a contraceptive (in the vernacular: "The seal") which is canceled after you have received a parental certificate (in the vernacular: "The parent's label").



In an alternative Norway, it is mandatory to have a certificate to have a child. 34-year-old Anna has to go through an all-consuming and hyper-realistic course in order to take the "Parenting Card" for fear of losing her job and ending up alone.

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